Die Nebelhornbahn ist mit der Sektion I und II bis zur Station Höfatsblick im täglichen Sommerbetrieb.Die geöffneten Wege sind mit festem Schuhwerk gut begehbar.Die Gi... mehr
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Fellhorn / Kanzelwand

Die geöffneten Wege sind mit festem Schuhwerk gut begehbar. Die Alpe Schlappold und die Alpe Bierenwang sind geöffnet.Immer ein Erlebnis: der Burmiwasserweg an der Kan... mehr
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Genießen Sie bei schönem Wetter das grandiose 3-Länder-Panorama von der Geo-Aussichtsplattform.Die geöffneten Wege sind mit festem Schuhwerk gut begehbar.
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Die Ifenbahn ist in Betrieb. Die Forststraße von der Ifenhütte zur Talstation, der neue naturnahe Wanderweg (nicht Kinderwagen tauglich) und der Panoramaweg sind mit f... mehr
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Die panoramareichen Wege sind mit festem Schuhwerk gut begehbar. Der Allgäu Coaster, der Kletterwald, das Berghaus Schönblick sowie die Alpe Schrattenwang und die Söll... mehr
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Söllereck 1400m

the family mountain
The Söllereckbahn brings hikers effortlessly to 1400 meters. Hiking paths with a breathtaking alpine panorama start at the mountain station. The Söllereck area is the ideal spot for your family hiking trip.

Fellhorn 2037m / Kanzelwand 2058m

outdoor arena for active people
Hiking without frontiers: Germany and Austria are connected by several hiking paths. A lush sea of flowers awaits you on both sides of the mountain. Themed hiking paths and mountain exhibitions complete the range. At "Burmiwasser" children can play on several water-activity-stations.

Nebelhorn 2224m

the panoramic mountain
The breathtaking 400-peak-view of Nebelhorn is legendary: For 80 years the Nebelhornbahn has made a firstclass hiking, touring and climbing area accessible to all mountain lovers. Easy, wheelchair- and buggy friedly paths open new perspectives. Family friendly: the themed hiking path "Uff d´r Alp" based around the live on an alp.

Walmendingerhorn   /   Ifen             12km

the mountain for all senses / the natural magic of stone


Seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting: the spectacular viewpoint gives way to a breathtaking panorama. On the wind-protected sun terrace one can listen to the "mountain-radio" with headphones and enjoy food and drink in the mountain restaurant. A wonderful stone fountain calms you with it´s purling.


Spectacular cliffs and the impressive "Gottesacker" plateau offer the perfect terrain for hikers of all kinds as well as fascinating views on the surrounding mountain scenery. In summer, the intermediate station of the chairlift on 1.586 meters is the vantage point for all tours.

children are free

at Fellhorn/Kanzelwand, Söllereck, Walmendingerhorn & Ifen if accompanied by a parent



Wasser stauen am Burmiwasser
Wasser stauen am Burmiwasser

"Burmiwasser" water adventure

lots of fun on the way to the alpine lake "Riezler Alpsee"

Playing, trying new things and a lot to discover! Retreaut to the natural elements of water, stone and wood, which are all part of the adventure hiking path "Burmiwasser" (Burmi is Kleinwalsertal´s childrens mascot and "Wasser" means water) that leads from the top station of the Kanzelwand mountain cable car down to the alpine lake "Riezler Alpsee".

At different stations with water wheels and -gates children can play with water to make it drip and splash or to impound it - with or without their parents as play mates.

Back at the cable car station, children can play at the nearby playground while parents indulge in the sun. Of course the mountain restaurant also awaits you with snacks and meals suitable for all ages and features items like soups, cake, refreshments or regional dishes.

The hiking path is suitable for buggies, the length is 700 meters with an altitude difference of 70 meters.

And of course the way up there to Burmiwasser with the mountain cable car is free for children if accompanied by a parent.

Wasserspaß am Burmiwasser
Vorfreude auf den Burmiwasser-Weg
Spielspaß am Wasserlauf
Familienwanderung am Burmiwasser
Teamwork am Burmiwasser
Wasser stauen am Burmiwasser
dem Element Wasser ganz nah
Burmiwasser Erlebnisweg
Burmiwasser Erlebnisweg